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The Cavalry

Joining The Cavalry

The Cavalry is constantly on the lookout for new recruits and welcomes anyone who shares our interest in Civil War Cavalry.  We are a family organisation and most events that we attend have activities for all members of the family.The unit welcomes new members who are physically fit, confident and competent riders who will make the investment in time and money to create first class impressions. Male and female re-enactors are welcome but we ask female members to disguise their feminity where appropriate.

Horse owner riders  are welcome, for those who do not own a horse, we hire in experienced re-enacting horses from one of the top yards in the UK.

If you do own a horse and know how to ride  this does not automatically make you a cavalryman.  We move and fight as a unit, and both you and your mount  will be properly trained before you can operate effectively .

Your training with The  Cavalry will include many things.. including drill, firing period black powder weapons on horseback and riding boot-to-boot in the ranks, enjoying the sheer adventure of it all, and above all - keeping safe.

We take safety extremely seriously and the unit is governed by the rules of the American Civil War Society (ACWS)and the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS)


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