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First Virginia Cavalry


The 1st Virginia Cavalry began the war as a group of independent companies of horse from the Shenandoah Valley, organised into a regiment by J.E.B. Stuart, who later became a Major General.  It consisted initially of 12 companies (A - M), and completed mustering on July 16th 1861

One of the most famous Confederate cavalry regiments, the 1st Virginia was led by such intrepid leaders as J.E.B. Stuart, "Fitz" Lee, and "Grumble" Jones.The 1st distinguished itself in in many actions, including but not limited to, the Shenandoah Valley in 1861, at Bull Run, in Stuart's ride around McClellan, at Catlett's Station, Brandy Station, Kelly's Ford, Gettysburg, the Buckland "Races", Todd's Tavern, Spotsylvania Court House, Yellow Tavern, Haw's Shop, Nance's Shop, Cold Harbour, Reams' Station, Front Royal, Winchester, Waynesboro, Five Forks, and Appomattox Court House.

The regiment fought in over two hundred battles and skirmishes. From its ranks sprang such renowned cavalry leaders as John Singleton Mosby ( later to become the leader of Mosby's partisan rangers), Ridgely Brown, and Gustavus W. Dorsey.  Despite heavy casualties, the 1st maintained its high morale and elan to the bitter end.  Escaping at Appomattox Court House, the regiment marched on to Lynchburg before disbanding on April 11th 1865.

 Company  H was known as the Loudoun Light Horse, and came from Loudoun County, Virginia.


"Col. J E B Stuart arranged the companies so that the first organized were in advance; the oldest being Capt Carter's, as it was a company prior to John Brown's invasion. At the time when the New York Zouaves were attempting to outflank Capt. Imboden's battery, (which had done such able service,) Col. Stuart gave the order to charge to the Cavalry, which was gallantly and daringly obeyed by the Loudoun Cavalry. Leaping a fence, and through balls thick enough to blind them, they succeeded in breaking the lines of the Zouaves, who were around Sherman's battery, which rendered that an easy conquest afterwards.This was the only company who charged at that time, owing, it is thought, to the fact that the Clark Cavalry did not understand the command; hence the dreadful havoc in Captain Carter's ranks, who charged forward with only thirty-three men. (Messrs. J T Carter, Gus Carter, T Leath, C Shamlin, Plaster, and F Carter having been detailed on other duty, were absent)."

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